Rank: Sergeant/E5 – 39 years old was involved in a roll-over accident in Afghanistan and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Torn Rotator-Cuff
“I was in a lot of pain and the VA was not really working for me. The VA would take me in and tell me that nothing was wrong or down play the pain I was experiencing. What they didn’t understand was that I had limited range of motion in my neck; I suffered from headaches, shoulder and knee pains. I wasn’t sleeping. I wouldn’t sleep for days. Sometimes, I would sleep 15 minutes to an hour every three days. This caused severe frustration and angry outbursts. My pain, exhaustion and frustration were all being taken out on my family and were really affecting my job as a Deputy Sheriff. Now, after just 5 weeks of treatment I feel so good. My pain has reduced by 80% and I sleep very well. I have minor weekly headaches, my anger has decreased and finally I have begun to enjoy the things in life that I seemed to have put on the back burner since I returned from combat in 2008.

Amy takes the time to get to know you on a personal level. She makes you feel as if she feels your pain. She takes the time to listen and follow-up with you on a daily basis. Peaceful Minds is not like the normal health care providers that treat you as if you are just another face that they will never see again. They put 100% into this program and are always available for you no matter what time of day it is. I believe that if the VA had more people like Amy, Vets would get what they need when they need it and not weeks or months down the road.

The thing I like best about Peaceful Minds treatments is the way they make you feel as well as the dedication that Amy puts in this program. She does the research and devotes much of her personal time to this program. She is making great differences in people’s lives. She doesn’t make you feel as if you are just another screwed up Combat Vet. I would definitely recommend this program to every veteran that comes back from serving with any emotional or physical problems.”

Rank: SSgt USMC. OIF II Sept 2004-Apr 05 & Desert Storm Aug 1990-Apr 1991 PTSD, severe headaches from TBI, insomnia and severed cerebellum
“I learned about Peaceful Minds from recommendations from friends, figured I would give it a try as my pain level was not being controlled by narcotics. Prior to my treatments I felt depressed, worthless, and in pain 24/7. After treatments I feel much less depression, and pain is coming under control. the most dramatic healing I have experience in treatments has been in my right hip. This is one of my Gulf War syndrome ailments, and after 5 weeks of treatments my pain was almost gone completely. I sleep like a baby for 2-3 days after my Wednesday treatment, unbroken, restful sleep, which I haven’t had since 1991. Also pain levels are lower, allowing me to use less narcotic pain meds.

I was never a skeptic. I was open to anything that would make me feel better. Coming from a combat veteran of two different wars, I recommend these treatments to any and all combat veterans. The improvements I have seen in my sleep and pain level alone are extraordinary! Amy is professional and personable. Always greet you with a smile and a hug, and is genuinely concerned about veterans problems and makes it her duty to help us.”

Rank: Corporal USMC: OEF March 2004-October 2004 OIF Feb. 2005-October 2005
“I started going to Peaceful Minds in November of 2011. Since I have been going there I have received acupuncture as well as massage therapy. From the treatments that I have received I have noticed a substantial difference in my everyday life. Everything from pain all over my body to stomach problems to PTSD symptoms have been reduced considerably. Their treatments have done more for me than anything the VA hospital has been able to do in the 6 years I have been out of the Marine Corps. Besides the treatments, the care and concern for my overall well being that Amy has shown me is more than any doctor or person has since I have been in the Military- which has also helped in my healing process. Peaceful Minds is a foundation that I would recommend any veteran suffering from any kind of health problems related to the military service to go and receive treatments.”

Rank: Sergeant/E5 – Served in Iraq & Afghanistan
“I served in Iraq from 2004-2005 and Afghanistan from December 2007-September 2008. I had sustained injuries from being overseas because I was in a vehicle accident and I was shot in the shoulder. When I had come back from my last tour I had heard about Peaceful Minds and what they were doing and I was very interested. It took me a while, but I felt good about doing it. I was getting on my family’s last nerves and waking up… It took a while before I set up an appointment because of my life being busy. I was sore due to the injuries that I had gotten overseas. I was also very irritable and I showed lack of emotion. After I started to go to the sessions with Peaceful Minds I had noticed that my frustration and soreness from my injuries started to subside. I had started to feel emotions once again. Feelings that I had thought I had lost and that I may never get back, but I have and I am working more and more with those areas. My family has noticed I have changed for the better and they have been telling me that they notice the treatments have been working. I also feel the treatments have been working.

Amy is a great person and providing a great service for us veterans. She makes you feel like you are a person and not a patient. She doesn’t make you feel like there is something wrong with you. Peaceful Minds creates a very home-like feeling in the office that doesn’t even feel like an office. They are very caring and loving people and I do encourage Combat Veterans to set up an appointment with Peaceful Minds. It Really Does Work!”
Rank: Staff Sergeant, Squad Leader, 39 years old served in Desert Storm and Iraq and lost 4 platoon members, was in an IED explosion

“I was committed from the beginning when they approached me to participate in their 12 week pilot program. I figured if Peaceful Minds is willing to help us I can take the few minutes out of my day to help their cause. It’s admirable that they are taking time out of their lives and the fact that they are singling out combat veterans is pretty amazing. Coming here helps to relieve the pain and the stress, I am able to connect with my spiritual self and I look forward to coming here because now I am more relaxed and I don’t get as aggravated and internalize those feelings anymore.

I know that today, tonight, tomorrow after my treatment I will be relaxed. Whatever I was thinking about early today, whatever I was stressed about yesterday ranting and raving about on Monday will be washed away tonight and tomorrow.

These people have big hearts and I don’t feel like a patient. It’s not a medical office, it’s like a sanctuary. The girls were very welcoming, warm and caring. The treatment doesn’t stop here after I leave the office, they are in contact with us frequently to make sure we are okay and that we have all that we need. That is above and beyond and that means a lot.”