Hurricane Sandy Relief Fundraiser

Sandy Relief for Peaceful Minds


Peaceful Minds NYC is an organization dedicated to helping the veterans of our country’s Armed Forces and National Guard. In the last few weeks following Hurricane Sandy, many of us have suffered great losses. Our homes, automobiles and personal belongings have been destroyed by flood waters and hurricane winds. In this time of great need, those in our communities who have served us overseas have stepped up again to give aid. We have all seen the Reserve and National Guard members helping with recovery efforts in and around our communities. In times like these, they forego their own needs and problems to help us. Peaceful Minds NYC is therefore raising money to help these members of our community who have done so much for us. Our goal is to raise $5,000 dollars before the New Year. During Hurricane Sandy the facilities used by Peaceful Minds NYC were irreparably destroyed. We are currently trying to continue as many treatments as possible through our mobile treatment facility, but we can only maintain this for so long without help. All donations will go directly towards setting up new facilities for Peaceful Minds to continue its treatment of these Soldiers and Guardsman, many of whom require rehabilitation for wounds both physical and emotional, and almost all of whom live in our own communities and neighborhoods.

If you would prefer to mail in your donation, please make out checks to:
In Memo write PM/Sandy Relief
Mail to:
Peaceful Minds NYC
PO Box 232
Atlantic Beach, NY 11509

As always, Peaceful Minds NYC thanks those who support us in our mission to help those who have done so much to help us and this country.

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